There’s No Crying in Baseball!

My mom, my big brother and I are die hard baseball fans. Kevin knew that I would just love going to Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame. So after I left Niagara Falls, I headed that way.

My tour of Niagara Falls had ended about an hour and a half later than I’d expected it to, so I got a late start on the long drive to Cooperstown. This time of year and in that part of the country it gets dark earlier and earlier. By the time I turned off Interstate 90 to the back roads it was pretty dark. The hotel I’d booked was about 5 miles outside of Cooperstown, but I had no idea that meant it was in the middle of NOWHERE!!!  I finally found the hotel in the pitch black and checked in at about 8:30pm. Thankfully so, since the desk actually closed at 9pm. And how fortunate was I that they had discounted Hall of Fame tickets available!


The next morning I awoke and looked out the back window. The hotel was right on Otsego Lake and I had a beautiful view.


Then I walked down to take a look at the lake itself. A gorgeous morning!


The lake was pristine and clear. And cold!!!!


I walked out front to take a picture of the hotel. I looked across the street and was startled by something I saw in the window. Upon closer inspection, I laughed.


I made the short drive into Cooperstown and since it was early, I searched for breakfast. I found this fantastic little diner and had a delicious breakfast of corned beef hash!



By the time I finished breakfast, it was past 9am and the museum was open for business! I was ready for a nice day of baseball education.


 Of course I had to find all the Cubs displays. Let me just say there’s far too much Yankees stuff and not near enough recognition of MY team!







I found the women’s baseball section. It was fascinating to read about and see all the women who have been part of the AAGPBL. Gosh, I would have LOVED to have played baseball!!!


DSC03409 DSC03410


Next,  I went into the room celebrating baseball in the movies and saw memorabilia and movie clips from my favorite baseball movies of all time: A League of Their Own, Field of Dreams, and Bull Durham.



DSC03431 DSC03432

Finally, I visited the Walk of Fame and saw the plaques for all my beloved Cubbies in the Hall of Fame.

bbSatisfied with my four hour visit, I headed out of town. On the way out, I passed by Otsego Lake and couldn’t resist one more shot. So peaceful.



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