Finding myself…..

This is why...

This is why…

I have never really been alone in my life.

For any significant period of time, that is. And I’m pretty sure that if I don’t make a concerted effort to learn to love myself and learn to trust that I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself, I will continue to repeat patterns that have kept me from being the most magnificent Alise I can be. So, this journey is about leaving behind the part of me who feels that I need someone else, and who lets someone else make all the decisions, and who is waiting for someone else to take care of me. And learning that all I need is myself, and that I can be truly happy with that.



One thought on “Finding myself…..

  1. I, like you, always thought that I had to have someone, that I couldn’t do anything on my own. Several years ago, I had the opportunity to go to Brussels alone. My therapist assured me that I could do it. But, flying alone…over the ocean…to another country…to meet someone I’d only spoken with on the phone or online…scared the *_$( out of me. But, I did it. I was so homesick and cried…a lot…argued with the person I went to meet, but met so many wonderful people and saw things I would never have had a chance to see. When I came back, I told my therapist that I hated the trip…it was horrible and she said, “No, it was wonderful, because even though you didn’t enjoy parts of it…you did all the things you’ve been afraid of and did it all by yourself.” I learned that I can be alone and enjoy “MY” company. It was a wonderful adventure. I know that yours will be too! Will miss you but hope to see you when this part of your journey ends.

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