A Quickie in Tahoe

After my visit to Crater Lake, I hit a wall. After 7 ½ weeks on the road, I was exhausted – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I also felt a bit let down after the beauty and excitement of Montana had been left behind. I had two more places out West cirlced on my map – Lake Tahoe and Yosemite – but I wasn’t so sure that I had the energy to make that trek. I sat in my room in Klamath Falls, OR in tears, struggling because I just didn’t know what to do next. Keep going? Head to Boise and then back to Montana and all the beauty there? Go to my mom’s?? Go back to Louisville? My thoughts swirled in my mind, and finally I just gave it up to the Universe. I told myself to just be open, stop thinking about it, and trust that it would be clear in the morning. I slept soundly.

When I woke that morning, I was 90% decided that I’d head to Boise, get through the Dakotas and head back towards home. I posted my inner struggle on FB and folks overwhelmingly urged me to Tahoe/Yosemite. Feeling a bit re-energized (especially by a lovely comment by Matt Traub), I headed south towards Lake Tahoe.

However, as I drove, I started to second guess my decision. I must say that the drive between Klamath Falls, OR and South Lake Tahoe was one of the most stark, desolate, depressing drives I have made on this entire adventure. I certainly hoped that the payoff would be worth it! I drove through Reno, and then through Carson City. I started an ascent up a mountain that was taking its toll on many a car. My trusty Matrix made the climb with no problem, and the landscape became stunningly beautiful. I drove down to South Lake Tahoe, made it through the crowds, and headed for DL Bliss State Park, which I’d read offered a wonderful view of the Lake.

I stopped at Inspiration Point Vista for my first view of this lake:




The crowds thinned the further I drove from South Tahoe and the closer to the park. I found a parking space and hiked a two mile trail. Thank goodness no bears in sight. A cool highlight was an old lighthouse at Rubicon Point.





Once I got down to the beach, I was rewarded with a beautifully secluded little beach. I took my shoes off, soaked my feet in the cold clear water, sat up on a big rock, and enjoyed the sights for a while.






Lake Tahoe is indeed beautiful. However, the overwhelming crowds and the glitz of the hotels and casinos I can do without!

See you in a few at Yosemite National Park!


3 thoughts on “A Quickie in Tahoe

  1. Bonnie says:

    I’ll bet you are tired, Alise. Your perserverance is to be admired. Hope you like Yosemite; We have been there several times when we visit Julie & family and we love it. Take care..

  2. Patti Echsner says:

    Hang in there. Your pics are wonderful. Are you gong to conect with Michael Hayden? I am sure he would love to see you! P

  3. Sarah Jenkins says:

    I absolutely love Lake Tahoe. Jess and I lived in Reno for a number of years. We also went backpacking in Yosemite. Gorgeous. However, I experienced horrible elevation sickness. Hoping you can avoid it! We sure miss you!

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