And it begins…

map of the US with all my stops circled

Proposed Path

I just did the two scariest things I’ve ever done in my life…I sold my house and I quit my job.

My personal life has undergone some challenges in the past year. I’ve worked very hard to figure out what’s best for me to carry on to my truest self and in a way which will give my life the most happiness and contentment. I was unhappy in my day job and had been contemplating a change for the past year or so, but I was too scared to do anything.
So….I made a decision back in February. I gave away all my extraneous stuff. I put my house on the market, made a plan to quit my job, decided to put my personal belongings in storage, and will take about three months (i dont really know) for a road trip around the country. I want to visit friends whom I have not seen in years, visit places I’ve always wanted to see, crossfit along the way, take some pictures, journal, and see what life has in store for me. I might return to Louisville at the end, or I might find someplace that draws me to it. I’m completely open to the Universe!! I’ve never taken this kind of time to myself and this is the perfect opportunity. The thought of this trip gives me an incredible feeling of peace. There is a quote that I keep looking at over and over again:

And if life only teaches you one thing, let it be that taking a passionate leap is always worth it. Even if you have no idea where you’re going to land, be brave enough to step up to the edge of the unknown, and listen to your heart.

So enjoy the journey as I discover the Alise I’ve always wanted to become!


17 thoughts on “And it begins…

  1. Kathy Hawboldt says:

    Came across this quote and thought of you, so I’m passing it along:

    “Our purpose is hidden in our joy, our inspiration, our excitement. As we act on what shows up in our life our purpose shows up.”
    — James King

  2. Mary Taour says:

    I am so excited and proud of you. I am anxious to read all about your journey. It is wonderful that you are willing to share this with us! Thank you.

  3. Lisa Ellis says:

    Best wishes for safe travels! Is Sarasota on your list of places to visit? Its hard to leave this little piece of paradise. Let us know if you’re headed this way.

  4. laurie taylor says:

    I think your a truly amazing beautiful lady with a lot of balls! lol I will be following you along your adventure and wish you nothing but health and happiness along the way ! stay safe ……!

  5. Paul Peterson says:

    Once you reach that ‘unreachable’ star of self-discovery and peace (and accumulate vast amounts of insight, memories, and experiences), your next journey will be even bigger and better. I am sure you will find that which you seek, for the universe is not just a waste of space. Bon Voyage!!!

  6. Wow Alise! You are truly inspiring. Good for you for making your happiness a priority, even if part of it scares the shit out of you! Thanks for the link to your blog. I am excited for your adventures to come! Safe travels 🙂

    -Jen Watson

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